Jamaican White Rum ...This song is a party starter Dance-hall at it's best ..DJ Feel Free To Rewind a few Time


I Came From A Good Family .A Real Chapter From My Life .. This song is base on real life And real life only Enjoy The Music


Hottest Man Alive. The General Da Jamaican Boy At His best .Song Has That Nice Jamaican Rap and hip Hop Feel to It ..


With Pride ...The name said it all .. This song is base on the life as a street boy from Jamaica To Ontario Canada


My Woman And Child..As Real as real can Ever be I wrote this song in 2013 after the birth of my first son


One Real Proud Daddy...I Wrote This Song For My son he's still young but in time to come he will understand .Click and Download Now


Love You Mama .. A song to my Loving Mother Diana .Me thanking her for never giving up on me as a child growing up...

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Preeing Life And Money Mix Cd Produce By Hard Life Produtions,entertainment ,Dance hall,Reggae ,Hope every one enjoy the music


The Change's To My Life... My Latest single now Available on I tunes and many more store's worldwide ..

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It's Been A Struggle Mix-tape-Produce By Hard Life Productions,Entertainment,Instruments Produce By Hala_X & More ..This mix-tape is some thing like the good and the bad .. Life as it is .Reggae,Jamaican Rap,Dancehall,Hip Hop,Rap& More Enjoy the music


Life Mi A Pree ...Nite Life Riddim...Mad Dance-hall Flow ..Free Download Get Your copy now

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Born Dangerous mix-tape-Produced By Hard Life Productions,Entertainment Mix By H.L.P,ENT ......Mix-Tape is not mastered ................


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